Emergency Signs

An emergency sign is a one of the main types of health and safety signs and one of the most important. An emergency sign is safety sign indicating the nearest location of or directions to emergency related facilities for example “Exit Signs”, or “First Aid”. An emergency sign instructs and gives instructions to keep everyone safe in both the workplace and public areas.

Emergency signs send a safety message to those entering a workplace or public environment. Emergency signs not only instruct behaviours, but also guide people to areas of safety. Emergency signs are considered the safety-first signs, they are vital within workplaces and areas with public access to comply with health and safety regulations. “First Aid Sign” is a great example of an emergency sign that is safety first sign.

Emergency signs have a green background be placed in easily visible places for all to see. You can spot emergency signs by looking for their green background with white writing and their symbols are instantly identifiable for safety they are usually common signs such as ‘First Aid Kit’

We use emergency signs everywhere that we need to guide people to safety in an emergency. For example, an “Emergency Phone” motorway sign would guide you to the phone to call for help.

At KPCM Health & Safety Signs, we offer a huge range of emergency signs suitable for a range of purposes; helping to assist when an emergency occurs. From warning to first aid signs, emergency signage can help in situations when it’s needed the most. Offering a comprehensive range of signage to all of our customers, we can help to keep your employees safe in the workplace. Whether it be signs to pint out a first aid box, an emergency exit, or to label who the designated first aider is, KPCM Health & Safety signs can help. Our range is all produced using high quality materials, to ensure it can be seen when a situation occurs.


Some examples of popular emergency signs would be:

  • AED Automated External Defibrillator
  • First Aid Sign
  • Fire Exit Sign
  • First Aid Kit Sign
  • Fire Assembly Sign



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